AGXr and AGXs rechargeable hearing aids with chargers


  • Savings — no more purchasing batteries separately

  • Peace of mind — continuous, stable, and uninterrupted power

  • A quick charge while you sleep — lasts all day

  • Stress-free — no more hassle of installing disposable batteries

  • Fewer batteries used — more environmentally friendly

About This Type:

Recharge your hearing aids just like you do with other small electronics around your house!

No more fiddling with batteries constantly. Every night, just place your hearing aids in the charger. In the morning, enjoy over 24 hours of continuous power — even if you stream audio from a smartphone or tablet.*

The lithium-ion battery is sealed inside your hearing aid, away from moisture and dust. Plus, the battery's lifespan is about the same as your hearing aid, so you don’t have to worry about getting the battery replaced.

* With larger amounts of audio streaming, you may need a turbocharger to get the same battery life.

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